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Nuclear Decommissioning

Nuclear Decommissioning

Nuclear power generation and reprocessing plants were built with complex bespoke technologies. The safe decommissioning of these plants requires tailored, specialist engineering solutions that assure the highest standards of safety, quality and reliability.

We work directly with nuclear site licensing companies or in partnership with the supply chain to meet these regulatory and engineering challenges. Working collaboratively, we solve unique and difficult engineering problems.

If your challenges include mobilising, mixing and transferring rheologically complex fluids, we can help quantify the risks through testing and validating fluid-physical processes at representative scales.  

For powerful  cutting and cleaning, DIAJET, our cold-cutting abrasive water-jet system has a modular design that can be seamlessly integrated into a complete decommissioning solution for the removal of large or complex structures such as reactors and process vessels. DIAJET meets the requirements of limited and remote access, robust and proven technology and avoiding heat generation.

To learn more about how our extensive experience in decommissioning can help you, contact us now.

Nuclear Decommisioning