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Case Studies

Case Studies

  • Check Valve Pressure Testing

    Check Value Pressure Testing

  • Horizontal Cylindrical Rapid Gravity Filter Study

    Aquardia CFD Case Study

  • James Fisher Sellafield Decommissioning

    Nuclear Silo Decommissioning - Front Cover Website copy

  • Magnox Berkeley Water Jetting

    Magnox Berkeley - Front Cover Website

  • AAR Fixed Wing Hydraulic Testing

    Fixed Wing Aircraft - Front Cover Website

  • Arcadis Prioress Mill

    Arcadis Prioress Mill

  • Bladesense

    Bladesense - Front Cover Website

  • Goronyo Dam

    Goronyo Dam Spillway - Front Cover Website

  • Druck Pressure Cycle Testing

    Case Study - GE Druck Pressure Cycle Testingv2 - Front Cover Website

  • National Grid Seal Study

    National Grid - FMEA - Front Cover Website copy

  • Semi Batch Polymerisation

    Semi batch polymerisation - front cover website copy

  • Semi Batch Polymerisation 2

    Semi batch polymerisation 2 - front cover website copy (1)

  • Gas Liquid Reactor Optimisation

    Gas liquid reactor optimisation - front cover website copy