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Product Development and Testing

Equipment manufacturers and suppliers into the aerospace, defence, nuclear and oil and gas sectors need to demonstrate that their products will function in arduous environments under extreme pressure and temperature. Operating safely and reliably between planned service intervals is a key element of this.

Equipment that contains, processes or controls fluids such as sensors, actuators, valves and pumps, must be proven to be compatible with these fluids, which can themselves be hazardous. At Framatome BHR, we provide professional impartial development and testing services, working to internationally and industrially recognised standards. From initial design, to acceptance testing and qualification, our team can assist you at every step of your process.

Our design work concentrates on bringing innovation into products while our testing demonstrates the functional behaviour of products under physically representative and controlled conditions.

Our capabilities include:

  • Product innovation, development and testing
  • Environmental testing at extreme pressures and temperatures
  • Thermal-hydraulic single and multiphase flow testing
  • Complex flow behaviour through reactors, mixers, pipes, pumps, valves and components
  • Pipeline thermal insulation performance
  • Proof, fatigue and burst pressure testing of hoses and fittings

To find out more about how we can bring certainty and support to your product development programme, contact us now.